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Integrated training centre

3D architectural rendering and visualization
The Ministry of oil of Republic of Iraq came up with an initiative to establish an Integrated Training Centre to address specific, long-term training needs within the country oil and gas industry. The new training centre's purpose would be to offer international, accredited training in key areas required by the industry at a level not previously available in Iraq.
The Integrated Training Centre would complement training which is currently available on the market and provide a Centre of Excellence which offers training to the standards required by the international oil and gas industry across the range of skills required.
Scope - presentation for investors and key stakeholders.
ITC (Accommodation Complex - 2)
ITC (Accommodation Complex - 3)
ITC (Accommodation Complex - 4)
ITC (Accommodation Complex - 5)
ITC (Accommodation Complex - 6)
ITC (Accommodation Complex - 7)
ITC (Accommodation Complex)
ITC (Accommodation Interior - 2)
ITC (Accommodation Interior)
ITC (Cafeteria Exterior)
ITC (Cafeteria Interior)
ITC (Chemical Lab - 2)
ITC (Chemical Lab - 3)
ITC (Chemical Lab -4)
ITC (Chemical Lab)
ITC (Classrooms Interior)
ITC (Computer Aided Virtual Environment - Cylinder)
ITC (Computer Aided Virtual Environment - Yurt)
ITC (Computer-Aided Virtual Environment -Cylinder 2)
ITC (Conference Center Exterior - 2)
ITC (Conference Center Exterior)
ITC (Conference Center)
ITC (Conference Centre Interior - 2)
ITC (Conference Centre Interior - 3)
ITC (Conference Centre Interior)
ITC (Corridors)
ITC (Drilling Workshop Interior - 2)
ITC (Drilling Workshop Interior)
ITC (Electrica lWorkshops Interior)
ITC (Electrical Workshops Interior - 2)
ITC (Electrical Workshops Interior)
ITC (General map - 3)
ITC (General map)
ITC (HQ Campus Exterior)
ITC (HQ Office - 2)
ITC (HQ Office)
ITC (Interior)
ITC (Library Interior)
ITC (Locker Room - 2)
ITC (Locker Room)
ITC (Main Campus - 2)
ITC (Main Campus)
ITC (Mechanical Workshop - 2)
ITC (Mechanical Workshop - 3)
ITC (Mechanical Workshop 4)
ITC (Mechanical Workshop)
ITC (Meeting Room)
ITC (Operation Workshop)
ITC (Processing Workshop - 2)
ITC (Professor Accommodation)
ITC (Recreation Facillities)
ITC (Restaurant Interior)
ITC (Restaurant)
ITC (Sauna and Hamam)
ITC (Sport Complex - 2)
ITC (Sport Complex - 3)
ITC (Sport Complex - 4)
ITC (Sport Complex - 5)
ITC (Sport Complex - 6)
ITC (Sport Complex Interior)
ITC (Sport Complex Interiror - 2)
ITC (Sport Complex Interiror - 3)
ITC (Sport Complex)
ITC (Staff Office)
ITC (Student Accommodation)
ITC (Swimming Pool - 2)
ITC (Swimming Pool)
ITC (Workshops and Pilot Plants)
ITC (Workshops)
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