Capabilities Animation and SFX

Animation and SFX

We animate (rigging and animation) 2D and 3D models of characters, animals (locomotion) and any objects. We create visual effects by combining real shots and elements of computer graphics, we create digital objects and environments of varying degrees of complexity.
Creation of computer animation involves the creation of three-dimensional animation created using three-dimensional computer graphics (CGI graphics). Computer animation is used in the field of entertainment (when creating games, filming a movie) and in business. In the last example, 3D technologies are needed to develop colorful and engaging advertising videos, videos about the company, spectacular displays of completed buildings and other architectural projects. It has been proven that people prefer watching videos about products rather than just reading about them.
CGI (English computer-generated imagery, literally "computer generated images") - still and moving images generated using three-dimensional computer graphics and used in fine arts, printing, cinematic special effects, on television and in simulators. PC games usually use real-time computer graphics, but CGI-based in-game videos are added periodically.
Digital Pattern animates 2D and 3D models, including characters and animals (locomotion). With our help, you will make your brand interactive and attractive. The animation can then be embedded in social networks, distributed by e-mail, posted on the website. Videos embedded on landing pages increase website conversions by 80%.
Visual effects
There are many ways to get your message across to your audience or business partner. You can create a presentation, write a meaningful email, or make a call. However, instead of writing a thousand words, you can wow your audience with top-notch visuals. People love visuals, especially in our dynamic digital world.
Digital Pattern creates visual effects by combining real-life footage and CG elements, or completely digital objects and environments. The main direction is the creation of visual effects using 3D graphics. By giving the right momentum and direction to your ideas, we create stunning visuals. All this will be remembered by customers, will make a good impression on them.
Features of VFX-animation
Quality visuals are what will help you actively promote your brand, create viral commercials, connect emotionally with your audience, and impress your customers.
We provide the following services:
  • Create high quality 2D and 3D animation for character design, games, films and commercials.
  • Creation of special effects
  • Create beautiful textures, lighting and shaders for 2D and 3D environments, characters and objects for high-resolution images and photorealistic images.