Capabilities Sound engineering

Sound engineering

We create sound accompaniment for software products, work with sound (processing, mixing).
When compiling a program, in addition to visual effects and content, it is important to think about the soundtrack of the project. Psychologists believe that a correctly selected sound sequence allows you to sharpen the concentration of listeners, to tune in to a positive perception of information.
When developing our digital products, we pay special attention to the tasks of sound processing, adding music for video content. We will organically emphasize all actions that take place on the screen with sound.
What are sounds in programs for?
The sound sequence is used to entice the user, immerse him in the story that the creators of the project demonstrate. It can be orchestral sounds, full-fledged voice acting of characters, play of electronic music, voice imitations, sounds of nature.
Being engaged in sound engineering, we delve into the project itself, we understand what emotions, at what stage the program should cause them. Sound design is created taking into account the target audience, and indeed any project with voice acting looks more entertaining.
Soundtrack functions:
  • Helps explain what's going on.
  • Demonstrates a response to an action.
  • Complements the setting, creates a special atmosphere and mood.
  • Allows you to collect additional information about the situation on the screen.
We get working material by recording sound, using a computer synthesizer, using sound effect libraries.
Range of services for audio production:
  • Recording of musical instruments, voices of actors.
  • Mixing and preparation of sound.
  • The imposition of a sound series on top of the video.
  • Creation of musical compositions.
Before starting work, we sign a contract with clients, work out the task, create technical documentation.